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Preventive healthcare 40+ Łomża

On the twenty-ninth day of August 2021 in Łomża, at the Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Cross, the Healthy City Foundation as the Coordinator of the Medical Cluster in cooperation with the National Health Fund organized for the third time an event promoting the pilot program „Prevention 40 plus”.
The event took place from 10:00 to 16:00, and people taking part in it could take advantage of the advice of: dietitian, internist, cardiologist, dermatologist. It was also possible to perform basic tests : including examination of body composition, blood sugar levels, measurement of blood pressure and examination of birthmarks with a dermatoscope.
Residents could consult their problems with a physiotherapist and perform a basic eye examination. As during previous events, it was possible to get an EKUZ, get vaccinated against Covid-19 and learn how to perform first aid.

Preventive examinations as part of the Prevention 40 PLUS program were encouraged by the residents of Łomża by an outstanding athlete Maria Andrejczyk, who at the Olympics in Tokyo won a silver medal in the javelin throw.
– I am here to encourage you to take care of your health. As a professional athlete, I know well how important this health is, because it is the main determinant of sporting success. When this health is not there, I can not even go to these competitions, because I have been wandering around the doctors for months – said the champion. „Twice in my life I was late with my diagnosis and had to be operated on twice. I would like you to avoid something like this. We professional athletes are obliged to perform regular examinations every six months in every area to control our body. By controlling the body, we gain awareness of our own body, our own health, and thanks to this we can also control our lives. Without health, there is no fun with life – argued Maria Andrejczyk.