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Preventive healthcare 40+ Supraśl

On the seventh day of August 2021, on the boulevards in Supraśl, the Healthy City Foundation as the Coordinator of the Medical Cluster in cooperation with the National Health Fund once again organized an event promoting the pilot program „Prevention 40 plus”. The interest of residents and passers-by exceeded our wildest expectations. Such events show that prevention programs are needed and worth taking part in. The event took place from 12:00 to 18:00, and people taking part in it had the opportunity to take advantage of the advice of an ophthalmologist, dermatologist, internist, cardiologist and physiotherapist. Basic tests were also performed, including measurement of sugar, pressure and body composition. Each person taking part in the event could consult their results and talk to a dietitian, as well as try delicious healthy delicacies. During the day with prophylaxis 40 plus, it was possible to get an EKUZ card and learn a very important activity: performing medical first aid. In addition, it was possible to help others by honorably donating blood, as well as to perform free mammograms and get vaccinated against Covid-19. A short training was also carried out under the cloud – with a professional personal trainer, who during the event gave advice on a healthy lifestyle and encouraged everyone to exercise every day.